Starting an Incident Report in LawTrak

Starting an Incident Report in LawTrak

Creating an incident report in LawTrak is a simple process. While there are multiple ways to do it; there is only one correct way to do it. After opening LawTrak select the "Incidents" tab across the top and "Lookups" button on the left hand side. Find and click the "Open CAD History of Incident Start" button.


Once "Open CAD History for Incident Start" has been selected you will see a list of CAD events.  You can locate your incident by the Case #1 field across the top or by using the search function on the right hand side.

Clicking the Search button will allow you to apply a filter. Type in your case number (exact format is required 2018-001785 for example) to locate your incident. This is especially handy when multiple officers are listed as on scene and the #1 officer (pictured above is LPD 14) is NOT the officer assigned the report. The Case #1 field only shows a case number for the #1 officer. In the above photo if Unit LPD 32 had been assigned the report the case number would have appeared inside the blue circle and would not be displayed in the Case #1 field above.

Once you have located the incident you wish to complete a report on you will select the "Start Incident" report button.

Clicking the "Start Incident"  button will ask you to confirm you want to start an Incident Report for the Case Number you selected. If you have the wrong incident you can press Esc or Click Esc-No to be taken back to the previous screen. Selecting "Yes" will launch the incident report creation module.

The primary reason it is important to use this method is this will ensure the Case Number format is correct. It is possible to create a new incident from the incident screen but it requires you type in the case number. If this case number is not exactly accurate there is a HIGH probability your report will have to be deleted and completed again.

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